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Casual Market Accessories

February 2017

Artful Additions: Outdoor Accents Reflect New Level Of Style

Proving that fresh décor is just as important as fresh air, today’s consumers have discovered outdoor accessories as an exciting new avenue to let their tastes and personalities shine. Not bound by walls, windows or doors, they are expanding their design horizons; so too are the growing number of suppliers and stores broadening their portfolios with a host of accent categories once found only inside the home.

“We see accessorizing any outdoor area to be an extension of the indoor living space,” says Shahrzad Nadizadeh, director of marketing for Jaipur Rugs. Bright and stylish, chic and on-trend, these important complementary products not only showcase the latest trends in design, but incorporate cutting-edge fabrics and materials as well. Umbrellas and other shade products have led the way, bringing fresh color and texture to familiar settings. But as buyers attending Casual Market Chicago will discover, a full array of these de ning touches, including decorative pillows, area rugs, outdoor lighting, clocks, tabletop, wall décor and more, are enriching the outdoor living experience in bold new ways.

One of the keys to accessorizing outdoor living spaces for that at-home feel is offering products that are fashionable, yet capable of withstanding the elements. As a result, manufacturers such as Sunbrella have pushed the limits on the technology front, developing performance textiles that offer a level of durability, comfort and style once thought impossible. In fact, many now rival their indoor counterparts. And as consumers have shown that they are often willing to take more chances with brighter colors and bolder patterns outside, manufacturers have responded with a treasure trove of options, all of which will be on display in Chicago.

Taking cues from the runways, accent pillow manufacturers such as Elaine Smith, have elevated the “fashionality” of outdoor accessories to a new level. Perfecting the idea of indoor beauty and outdoor durability, Smith’s trendsetting collection is rich in color and lavish in detail.

For their part, retailers now have the opportunity to tell detailed merchandising stories, pairing furniture with this full range of exciting accessories that allow the consumer to visualize all of their options. Looking for more than just price, these shoppers are seeking products that offer an emotional connection, and allow them to personalize their outdoor retreats, no matter the size. Even urban dwellers are enhancing their coveted outdoor spaces with colorful umbrellas, planters, pillows and wall art. Perhaps most importantly though, these artful additions are providing strong add-on sales potential as people continue to look for new ways to accessorize beyond their back doors.